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Combustible is a web design agency that specializes in creating high-performance, affordable websites for SMEs


As the cornerstone of your digital strategy, your website needs to be a sustainable growth and acquisition tool for your business. With Combustible, you can establish a high-performance online presence that will set you apart from the competition.


Maximize your website’s performance while maintaining a high level of security. When it comes to updates and maintenance, our web developers will take care of everything so your site can be safe, secure, and airtight.


Build your website in a high-performance, optimized environment. Our servers are specifically built for WordPress so that your website remains fast and secure over time, while offering a seamless user experience.

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The internet has changed the way we search for and consume information. In the digital age, your website is often the first point of contact between you and your clients. You only have one shot to make a good first impression.

When you create a new business website, there are several steps: defining your objectives, analyzing your targets and their online behaviours, building your site’s tree map, integrating all of the pages, putting it online and running monthly web maintenance. Our website agency will support you every step of the way to ensure the end result meets – and exceeds – your expectations.

Our web development agency prefers using CMS (content management systems) like WordPress or Shopify (for online stores). These website builders allow us to build modern, high-performance sites with lots of wiggle room for personalization guaranteeing you maximum autonomy.

This depends on a few factors, including the complexity of your site and the number of pages that need to be created. As a general rule, our web design agency aims to complete projects within 6 to 8 weeks, from first contact to online launch.

We have three customizable packages in our web design price list. No unpleasant surprises here: we value transparency over everything. See for yourself!

Our products are built for SMEs by an SME. We create modern, high-performance websites without breaking the bank. Each of our web projects is backed by a team of seasoned experts from diverse backgrounds, including: a project manager who will be your single point of contact and make sure everything runs on time, a front-end developer in charge of quality control for visuals and branding, and an SEO expert who will make sure your site will rank highly on search engines and convert visitors into clients. No hidden fees – just results.

Absolutely. When your site is complete, we will hand you the keys. The last thing you need is a website agency that will hold you hostage with your web assets’ intellectual property.

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E-tailers, SMEs, large companies, retailers, independent sellers: we’ve proven our approach with every type of business under the sun.

Our other web marketing services!

optimization (SEO)

Gain lasting visibility on search engine results pages and reel in prospects at the ideal moment in their buying journey.

(paid SEO)

Target potential clients the second they search for your products or services online, and only pay for legitimate sales opportunities.

media management

Engage with your clients and showcase what makes your company unique while growing the value of your brand.


Reach clients on their favourite platforms and benefit from the best targeting tools on the market today.


Publish optimized content, like blog posts, and increase your visibility by ranking your website based on frequently asked client questions.

marketing training

Become a digital marketing pro in a number of different disciplines, learn industry best practices, and become entirely independent.


Established 10 years ago, Combustible is an agency that focuses on website design in Montreal.

Our mission: to help companies in Quebec build a well-rounded online presence that will grow their business sustainably.

Ready to increase your visibility online? Before you invest in acquisition channels like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, let’s start by building a high-performance website that will spotlight your business as a leader in your industry and convert leads!




Fast websites that deliver, optimized for SEO and conversion


Modern websites that bring your company’s personality to life


Websites that belong to you, with no contracts or hidden fees

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