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USIMM – How to optimize your SEM and SEO campaigns to get a 75% ROI?


reduction in cost per click


of all keywords experienced a significant increase in ranking


return on marketing investment

USIMM is an innovative company that focuses its business and services on 3D printing in Montreal, in a B2B, industrial, but also artistic context since it also targets architects, design professionals and even sculptors. The company is developing in a cutting-edge technological sector and offers custom pieces with no minimum quantity.

3D printing is a domain that is not only very technical, but also competitive, especially on the Web. The company, which has already had some experience in web marketing, has entrusted us to optimize its conversion rate and SEO strategy. The results we have obtained over the past months reveal the importance of such optimization.


The biggest problem for USIMM was to selection relevant and effective keywords to attract visitors from its highly specific target market, whether through AdWords campaigns or through the natural positioning (SEO) of its website.

The solution

After an in-depth assessment of the business sector and of USIMM’s various issues, the Combustible team set up a personalized strategy based on 3 main points:

Creation of an adaptable website optimized for conversion

First, our team proposed a new website for USIMM to facilitate the conversion of visitors into potential customers through Adwords and SEO strategies that would then be launched.

Management of AdWords campaigns

Then, we allocated the majority of the web marketing budget to AdWords (instead of display) Campaigns, which we know are very productive in terms of conversion. In fact, Display campaigns are not only more costly and they usually don’t provide a good ROI. Generally speaking, Display campaigns are therefore less suitable to SMEs.

We then concentrated on creating adwords groups depending on the services offered and the various varieties available. We then realized that campaigns in French converted better than those in English. This is why we chose to concentrate USIMM’s budget only on the French market.

The advantage of the campaigns was to set up clear objectives, such as a form to request submissions or contacts, along with continuous follow-up. This strategy helped USIMM to make better projections in terms of new leads.

Finally, we set up very close monitoring of the campaigns and of the allocated budgets to optimize the CPC of every dollar invested.

SEO optimization

In order to get great natural rankings you need to fully optimize the website. With USIMM, we revised anything that could maximize SEO: text, tags and the entire HTML structure. Our objective was to create a strong web presence for USIMM by positioning them on their main industry keywords.

Then, we created bilingual blog posts published over 12 months focusing on long-tail keywords that supported USIMM’s activities.

We also set up a campaign of external links, which thanks to partnerships with targeted, high-quality websites, did propel USIMM’s website to the top results of search engines, all at very low cost.


Better conversion rate:

The selection of ads and the monitoring led to a 1.09% rise in qualified potential clients, which is a very good result considering USIMM’s very specific industry.

This result is even more compelling since the budget remained controlled; with a reduction of 32% of the cost per click.

Better SEO:

USIMM is now on the first page of Google for their 6 main keywords

The organic traffic tripled starting from when the new website went live and with the application of the SEO strategies

USIMM generated a 75% return on their marketing investment

These results speak for themselves and show the importance of highly focused management of AdWords and SEO campaigns.

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