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Email marketing and Newsletter in Montreal

Your email list is a very important asset. Are you using it well?

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More than 200 entrepreneurs partner with Combustible to increase their revenue

Combustible will have you say things like:

Our collaboration with Combustible was a success in the first few months. The team is dynamic and responsive to our needs. With them, we were able to reach our sales targets!
Geneviève Goyette, Les entreprises Réjean Goyette

Excellent return on investment and impeccable customer service. They know how to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

Benoit Dumais, Expertise Comptable

Combustible is a great, professional and very dynamic team! We are proud to work with them and we strongly recommend them.

Mireille Robitaille, Impact Pro
Very attentive to the needs of their customers and they’re able to adapt quickly. Very good service.
Benjamin Aguilar, 9h05
We have been using Combustible for 2 years now and we have greatly improved our web positioning and social presences.
Luc Lafontaine, Musitechnic

5 good reasons to trust us with your email marketing and newsletter management


Among other things, we use the MailChimp email management tool, a leader in the SME market.


Combustible offers prices suited to the reality of SMEs. You can therefore get results for your newsletters without a large investment on your part!


We look after designing the emails, managing the email lists, sending, and performance analysis.


We provide comprehensive reports that let you properly measure the real impact of your campaign.


Our emails include A/B tests that let you maximize the impact of your e-marketing.

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Here’s what one of your emails will look like

We have experience in most industries (Finance, Health, Ecommerce, Law, Retail, Hotel and Catering, B2B and B2C)

« I had to build another operating room to treat all our new patients »
– Dr Manuel Bautista
« Unparalleled customer service. With Combustible you WILL grow your sales. »
– Benoit Dumais
Expertise Comptable

Why use email and newsletter marketing?

Email marketing is the web medium with the best return on investment! The cost of sending emails is virtually nothing, so the sales/leads generated cost very little.

However, it’s important to have strategies to capture as many emails as possible from your potential prospects. The Combustible team can help you with that.

Finally, it’s essential to contextualize the mailings. Rather than sending the same message to everyone, we can segment the mailings to reach only the portion of the list that’s most likely to convert.

Experts at your service

The content team at Combustible will help you design quality newsletters. But above all, we’ll support you on the strategic level (how to capture emails, what to send to whom at what time, etc.).

The content team is made up of 4 people.

The most frequently asked questions about emails

We use tools with the highest standards in the industry, and our practices support the requirements of Bill C-28.
We offer you the most suitable tools for your situation. Very often, this will be MailChimp. But if you have CRM software – such as Zoho, for example – we can use that instead, which lets us consolidate the information.
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