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Combustible : part SEO agency, part search engine whisperer

On search results pages, who shows up first when potential clients search for your products and services? You, or your competitors? Each second, Google processes nearly 70,000 searches, half of which only get clicks on the top two results. One thing is for sure: a small portion of these searches are being made by potential clients looking for answers to problems you can solve. So, what’s it going to be: will you capture these revenue opportunities, or let your competitors have all the fun? This is the exact kind of challenge our online SEO agency was made to conquer.

Why aim to capture organic traffic?

Traffic generated by search engines is of significant value for businesses because it is qualified. Qualified traffic is comprised of people who are actively searching for a solution, prospects who are only looking for one thing: someone that can help them find what they’re looking for.

For example, on e-commerce sites, organic traffic has a much higher conversion rate than other traffic sources (paid, social, direct), since it is made up of users who are actively searching for products. In sum, increasing your organic traffic means increasing your revenue.

The right search engine optimization agency will help you capture these high-potential users. Working with an SEO expert will help you get answers to a number of important questions:
  • How can I increase my company’s visibility on Google?
  • How are my clients searching for my products and services?
  • How can I rank my website among the first search results?
  • How can I surpass my competitors on Google?
  • How can I generate more traffic and leads for my website?

Before we go any further – what exactly is search engine optimization, anyway?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of optimizing your website based on referencing criteria established by search engines. The goal is to improve the way in which search engines understand and value your online content. If your site is optimized for SEO, Google will serve it to more users. The higher you rank on search results pages, the more traffic and potential clients will land on your website.

SEO strategy uses three main optimization approaches:
  • Technical website optimization (speed, user experience)
  • Visual and textual content optimization (on-site SEO)

  • Online reputation optimization, AKA domain authority (off-site SEO)

What makes SEO different from paid search?

The difference between SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or paid search is simple. With SEO, you don’t pay Google for your ranking: the goal is to naturally move to the top of the results page. With SEM, you work with Google Ads experts to display advertisements that cost money for every click you receive.

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Need high-quality SEO services? You’ve come to the right place

In order to guarantee tangible, measurable results, our SEO agency has developed a comprehensive method that covers all the essential steps to search engine success. Here are all of the services our agency has to offer.

SEO analysis

Creating a website without an SEO expert can lead to imperfections affecting your site’s performances. Our digital marketing agency will conduct an in-depth analysis of your website, your search engine presence, and your written content. This step allows us to understand where your site currently stands, and map out the first corrective actions to launch your SEO strategy in an environment that’s primed for success.

Digital market study

The digital market study is an important jump-off point for your SEO strategy. Our B2B SEO agency will identify searches conducted by your target clients and build a game plan to help you target them properly. This plan will help you decide what type of content to create, and can often help you improve your understanding of your clients’ needs and behaviours in a general sense.

SEO strategy

The strategy we recommend will be based on the digital market study. This document will cover all the best opportunities for your business and define objectives to capitalize on each one. This strategy will be the guiding light for all of the optimization efforts that follow. Our online SEO agency will send you your game plan before giving our strategists the green light – that way, you can be the one to make the final call.

Creating backlinks

Link building consists of pointing external links towards your website to increase its reputation and trustworthiness in Google’s eyes. This is called “domain authority.” It is a pillar of strong SEO and one of the major elements that an SEO agency must optimize for its clients.

Here at our SEO agency’s Montreal office (yes, we are also a French SEO agency!), we don’t look for quantity when it comes to backlinks. We look for quality. Recently, Google updated its algorithm to value a link’s relevance over the number of links that point to a domain. With this in mind, we have spent 4 years developing relationships with the most reputable sites in Quebec and around the world.

Local SEO and Google Maps

If you do most of your business in a specific location, local SEO is a must for your company: it focuses on serving location-based search results to people who are looking for a product or service near them. Adding your company to Google Maps isn’t enough: you’ll also need to optimize your business info (hours of operation, description, category, etc). By creating a local strategy with the help of our SEO agency, you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to become a leader in your local market.

Content writing

A solid online marketing strategy requires high-quality original content supported by an optimization strategy that gets your content in front of the right people on Google. From the pages of your website to blog articles and ebooks, our SEO agency’s certified experienced writers are at your service.

SEO training in Montreal

If you want to learn the necessary skills to manage your SEO all on your own, our agency can refer you to the best SEO trainers in Montreal. These sessions will teach you everything you need to know about how search engines work and which best practices to adopt. Helping you become an independent expert is just one of the many things we can offer as your online growth expert.

Why trust Combustible with your online SEO strategy

Your success is our success – that’s why we are always 100% transparent with all of our clients and do everything we can to clearly communicate our results. You will get a monthly SEO performance report and will have access to our task management tool to maintain ongoing visibility into what we are doing for your business. In short, Combustible makes SEO simple.
Working on your SEO will help you funnel a constant stream of qualified traffic to your site. While a good SEO strategy can take a few months to deliver results, its sustainability will more than make up for the time it takes to get off the ground. Working with our B2B SEO agency will help you build an acquisition channel that will create lasting value for your business, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!


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As the cornerstone of your digital strategy, your website needs to be a sustainable growth and acquisition tool for your business.


Maximize your website’s performance while maintaining a high level of security.


Build your website in a high-performance, optimized environment.

optimization (SEO)

Gain lasting visibility on search engine results pages and reel in prospects at the ideal moment in their buying journey.

(paid SEO)

Target potential clients the second they search for your products or services online, and only pay for legitimate sales opportunities.


Reach clients on their favourite platforms and benefit from the best targeting tools on the market today.

medias management

Engage with your clients and showcase what makes your company unique while growing the value of your brand.


Publish optimized content, like blog posts, and increase your visibility by ranking your website based on frequently asked client questions.

marketing training

Become a digital marketing pro in a number of different disciplines, learn industry best practices, and become entirely independent.