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Turning a profit is so much easier when your customers actually like you. Even if you’re not quite there yet, you can start building a strong client-brand relationship with the help of a powerful communication tool: social media.

There are more than 5.5 million Quebecers on Facebook, and 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, so increasing your visibility on these platforms will allow you to be more present in your customers’ lives. Working with a community manager can help you increase client engagement with your brand and develop new acquisition channels. If that sounds like a tall order for you to accomplish on your own, our social media agency is here to help you succeed.

What can a community manager do for businesses?

Whether you’re looking to increase your visibility, promote a product or service, generate sales, or connect with your clients, social channels can help support every pillar of your marketing strategy. These platforms have become an integral part of people’s daily lives, and your customer base is no exception. Tons of people use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to discover brands and get to know their values, products, and what makes them unique. 

Building a social media presence has become an essential step for companies who want to make it in the digital age. With more than 80 million SMEs active on social networks, working with a community manager will help you incorporate industry best practices and set yourself apart from the competition.

A social media management company that engages with you and your customers

Prior to collaborating with one of the social media experts at Combustible, our clients were looking for answers to the following questions:

  • How can I increase my company’s visibility on social networks?

  • How can I promote my brand and expertise online?

  • What kind of content should I publish on social media, and what tone should I use?

  • How can I bond with and retain my current customers?

Our goal is to build a bridge between you and your target audience so you can engage with them directly and build trust in your brand. As after the design of a website, you will need content to give life to your social networks and work the three pillars of your marketing strategy :


Our social media management agency can help you strengthen this pillar with an engaging content strategy. The goal is to inspire people to share your content with their own network, helping place your brand in front of the right audience.


Social platforms can also help you meet your conversion and sales goals. Our social media management company can optimize key elements on pages like your Facebook store or Instagram Shopping page. Your social media manager can also help you define an acquisition strategy through targeted promotions with a Combustible Facebook Ads expert.

3. Strengthening your bond with existing clients

Social media users consume 20% to 40% more when a company engages in direct conversations with their customers. Thanks to chat functions and direct messaging, social networks provide the opportunity to strengthen your brand and build stronger ties by communicating your values, identity, and mission.

Here’s how we get the “thumbs up” from our clients

To cover every key aspect of your social media success, our agency can help guide you through the following steps:

Auditing your current social media presence

Just like when we create an SEO strategy, we always start with an audit. Analyzing your social media presence is a way of inventorying its performance, as well as that of your competitors. During this process, your community manager will highlight areas of improvement based on your current social activity. The results of this audit will be a jump-off point for your goals and social media strategy.

Preparing your social media strategy

This step is the backbone of your social media presence. Based on your market, target audience, and business goals, our agency will help you create clear, realistic objectives. Your strategy will encompass all of the efforts that will be made to achieve your goals on social media.

Creating and optimizing your pages

To set the conditions for your social media strategy’s success, your community manager will ensure that your pages adhere to the social marketing industry’s best practices for optimization.

Ongoing social media management

Managing these platforms requires regular input, especially when it comes to maintaining a cohesive voice between pages and posts. That’s why your social media expert will create a custom calendar to schedule content in advance and keep a close eye on any new messages or customer questions that come through.

Creating social media ads

Our agency’s first order of business is to help you define specific objectives so you can target the right users with the right message. Then, we create custom ad content for your campaigns. The final step is launching and optimizing each ad, constantly updating it based on its performance.

If you are more familiar with search engines, this strategy is similar to the work of a Google Ads agency, but on social networks.

Social media training

Want to become the go-to resource for social media at your company? Combustible can help you become totally independent – we know exactly which social media training course to recommend if you want to become a community manager in Montreal.

Become a part of your customers’ daily lives with the help of our social media agency

Want to see what we can do for your business?

When you work with us, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with social media experts who will:

  • Take the time to understand and analyze your company’s current situation
  • Always keep your needs top-of-mind
  • Quickly respond to any questions or concerns
  • Maintain total transparency by sharing their editorial calendar with you
  • Never make you sign a contract

Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you!


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