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Combustible, your social media advertising agency

Even though Facebook posts have been reaching fewer and fewer people since 2014, social media advertising has been taking up an increasingly large slice of SME marketing budgets. The effectiveness of social advertising is no longer up for debate: everyone is doing it, including your competitors. To make sure you turn a profit with social media advertising despite how competitive the landscape has become, you’ll need to onboard industry-leading tools and best practices. Here’s how our social media ad agency can help.

*Facebook Ads includes Instagram ads, which are connected to the same platform.

What is social media marketing? Definition

The term “social media advertising” (SMA) refers to all of the paid advertising methods on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This marketing strategy uses a predetermined budget to launch an advertising campaign that is catered to a specific target audience. These marketing campaigns can be tailored to achieve a number of goals, such as increasing visibility, selling a product or service, or collecting email addresses.

So, what does a Facebook ads agency do?

Just like an SEM agency with Google Ads, a Facebook ads agency (or Instagram ads agency, or LinkedIn ads agency, depending on what you need – luckily, we do it all) helps clients define their goals so they can target the right people with the right message. Then, an in-house social advertising expert will create content for your ad, launch your campaign, and optimize each one periodically based on performance.

You’ve got goals. We can help you achieve them.

When clients work with our social media advertising agency, they are able to answer the following questions:

  • How can I implement an ad strategy on social media?

  • How can I target my clients on various social networks?

  • How can I get my products or services in front of prospective clients?

  • How much should I invest in paid social media campaigns to achieve my goals?

  • How can I measure the profitability of my social media strategy?

To help you answer these questions, our social advertising experts are committed to creating value for your business. Based on your campaign objectives, that mission might translate to increasing the number of people who subscribe to your service, growing your online communities, collecting data from prospective clients, or growing your online sales.

In order for you to generate as much revenue as possible using your social networks, our Facebook ads agency has created a detailed approach that’s been proven time and time again with our existing clients.

agence de publicité facebook

Our 6-step approach to successful social advertising

Our social advertising consultants can help you succeed on any social network (our team includes Facebook ads experts and Instagram ads experts, among others). To make sure your ad performs exceptionally well, Combustible dives into each step of the social advertising process with a meticulous eye. Here’s how we do it.

1. Define your business objectives in a social media context

There are lots of reasons to advertise on social networks. And since every business is unique, each one requires a personalized analysis. Based on variables like your target market, your positioning, and even the time of year, certain types of campaigns will be more successful than others. Our Facebook ads agency can walk you through this preliminary analysis, helping you define a set of objectives with the potential to succeed. For example:

  • Reach an audience of X people with an ad that promotes a specific content piece or product
  • Create an ad banner to sell X products
  • Create an engagement campaign to grow your community by X followers

2. Analyze the current state of your social marketing

Whether or not you already have an ad account, our social media ad agency will analyze the current state of your social pages so we can craft your marketing strategy using the most up-to-date information. This step takes into account not only how your industry has evolved, but also how your competitors are promoting their products. 

3. Target the right people

Preferences, hobbies, demographics, location, profession, family situation … Social media ad platforms place a huge number of criteria at your fingertips to help you hyper-target your campaigns. Our agency knows exactly how to use these criteria to make your campaigns shine, helping you place your ads directly in front of people who possess your target market’s specific characteristics.

4. Define a realistic social marketing budget

Based on your business objectives and the characteristics that define your audience and market, our social media advertising agency can help you decide on a realistic marketing budget that’s tailored to your needs. If you already know how much money your company is willing to invest in social media ads, you’ll be able to adjust those amounts based on how your campaigns perform.

5. Create and launch your ad on social media

Once you’ve defined your social media strategy, all that’s left to do is bring it to life! Our agency’s graphic design team specializes in social media content, ensuring each of your campaigns performs at its peak: each visual asset will be designed to encourage client engagement. Your recommendations will also help guide our process, so we can paint an accurate picture of your company and brand.

6. Track your ad performance and optimize accordingly

Some of the most important work we do at Combustible starts with putting your ads online. As with your other online marketing channels such as search engine optimization, social advertising includes real-time monitoring of the performance of your ads and their optimization. We test, create, launch, and pause multiple campaigns on an ongoing basis, keeping only those that are performing well.

Get the most out of social advertising with our Facebook ads agency

Seeing is believing! If you decide to test-drive our services for your own business, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a social advertising agency that will:

  • Take the time to understand and analyze your company’s current situation
  • Always keep your needs top-of-mind
  • Quickly respond to any questions or concerns
  • Maintain total transparency by sharing its internal management tool with you
  • Never make you sign a contract
  • Will help you optimize all the customer touch points relating to your social marketing, including services such as a web page or website redesign if needed

Give us a call today to get started!


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