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Website design cost
You only have one website – make it count!

Increasing your online visibility, making a name for your brand, converting visitors into clients… a solid web presence can do incredible things for your business. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s how much it will cost to build a website. Hint: it’s worth every penny!

Depending on your goals and requirements, Combustible’s web design price list has three different options. Each package can be personalized to suit different kinds of Quebec businesses, depending on the type of website you’re looking for. Decide which website development package works best for your company, then get in touch and tell us all about your project!

Frequently asked questions about our website development costs

From the moment you get in touch with us to the moment your new site goes online, designing a website takes just about four weeks. We always provide a detailed timeline so you can follow up on your site’s progress as it unfolds.

Yes! With Combustible, you will remain entirely independent, and in full control. You will have access to all of the features on your content management system (CMS). You can add, modify, or delete any of your web content, and customize your widgets, WordPress theme, or any other features that can be controlled using your CMS. 

If you’re a little lost, we offer WordPress website training so you can feel completely at ease when handling your website on your own.

Our professional website design cost does not include content creation: writing and design require two entirely different skill sets. However, if you already have SEO-optimized web content on your current site, our WordPress developers can integrate it into your new site no problem.If you’d rather delegate your content writing to an SEO expert, we offer specialized copywriting services. We can also use stock photos to liven up your website if you are unable to provide original photos.

Each web design package includes a specific number of pages that we will add to your new website. However, you can also purchase more pages if your requirements change, and you can even integrate more pages yourself if you want. If needed, we can teach you how to add pages on your own during a web design training session.

Our custom WordPress site cost includes maintenance and hosting services. More specifically, we will conduct the following:

  • Periodic WordPress theme updates
  • Periodic WordPress updates
  • Updates for any add-ons/modules used by the website
  • Daily website backups
We use servers that are specifically designed to host WordPress websites to ensure your site always performs at its peak.

Yes. However, more in-depth modifications like changes to its architecture or design (CSS) should be made by our designers and developers. These types of changes are not included in our website development costs. Instead, they are billed at an hourly rate of $100, invoiced either monthly or quarterly. Any significant redesigns or changes will be assessed individually, and a detailed quote will be provided.

Once all of your monthly fees are paid off (which typically occurs after the 12th month of invoicing), your website will be all yours. At this point, you will be free to continue or terminate your web hosting and maintenance plan with Combustible. You also have the option to pay your fees all at once: in that case, your site will be turned over to you as soon as it goes online.

No, the cost of a domain name (example: is not included in our web design pricing for the following reason: to maximize flexibility, we recommend that our clients purchase their domain from a specialized provider. That way, if you want to switch hosting services, you can keep your domain name – and your independence. We can also guide you through the process of buying a domain: all you need to do is give our web developers access to your website so they can configure your hosting parameters.

Our professional website design cost includes complete technical optimization of your site according to SEO best practices. Download speed, ergonomics, page indexing: all of the most important technical criteria related to SEO will be applied to your site. Our SEO experts collaborate closely with our web developers to ensure you get the most out of our expertise – and a chart-topping finished product. Just keep in mind that content strategy and content creation are not included in the cost to build a website.

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