6 steps to a successful web marketing strategy for small businesses

Many SMBs start out on the Internet without having a well-defined marketing strategy and sometimes bad levers operate at the wrong time… this can result in failure and investments that could have been much more profitable.

A coherent and effective strategy must however follow a certain timeline for expected results: here are 6 steps to follow to build a 100% effective web marketing strategy!

Step 1: Design your website to maximize conversion

A website should not only provide information to your visitors, it must also convert them depending on the objectives that you have set: increase the number of leads, develop email lists, and increase online sales, etc.

Content, forms and call-to-action: the whole site must be designed to meet these objectives. Every effort you make to drive traffic to the site will be better rewarded through increased conversion rates!

Step 2: Put in place a focused and realistic SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you generate qualified traffic to your site over time. Keyword analysis and competitive technical optimizations on your site, link building and results monitoring are the keys to a successful SEO strategy. Do not neglect this step: the organic traffic generated by SEO is often the most important and also the traffic that converts the most!

Step 3: Use precise targeting in SEM campaigns

To strengthen your presence with certain keywords, push a specific offer or test a new market, you will definitely need to set up several SEM campaigns, sponsored ads that are found in search engine results. Target definition and geolocation, choosing keywords, message design and Cost-per-click adjustments are the key ingredients of a cocktail that has the capability to bring you great results through its extremely precise targeting!

Step 4: Create regular engaging content for your readers

Before creating a blog and launching on social networks, first think about relevant content creation strategy for your business. Design an editorial calendar to ensure regular comments by thinking about relevant topics for your target and content that is relatable to your potential customers. Well ranked in Google’s search results, the articles you post can bring you qualified traffic long after their initial publication date!

Step 5: Build a relationship with your audience on social networks

Social media is a great way to increase retention and is much less formal than commenting on traditional media. Do not think, however, they will directly generate more sales for you: they will above all help establish a bond to stay in touch with your audience. They also make it easier to generate many leads with the introduction of competition for your business. Remember to feed and educate  them, there is nothing worse than a Facebook page whose last post dates from last year!

Step 6: Build an effective email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a great way to generate website traffic, increase your revenue or just keep in touch with your different audiences. Allow for adequate but reasonable sending frequency and reinforce the effectiveness of your communications using segmentation and personalization features offered on different platforms.

Do you want to get started and increase your revenue through an effective web marketing strategy? Contact us today!

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